Introducing the Portrait Portfolio

We designed the Portrait Portfolio to be as dynamic, versatile, and mobile as our members. It's your creative calling card.

Every Portrait member receives a portfolio that pulls in work from public film databases and professional links. This is intended to get you started. You can edit and update your portfolio any time.

If you need help or have any questions, send a note to

Make Your Portfolio Your Own

Adding new work to your portfolio is as simple as a few steps.

Update Your Info Any Time

Click the teal “Add Project” below your title to add new creative work. Click the "Pencil" icon in the upper right corner to update your headshot and basic information. The more detail you add, the more likely you are to show up in relevant search results.

Add Projects Manually...

Upload images or embed video from YouTube or Vimeo. You must use an “embeddable” link with a unique code string of numbers and letters (

... Or Import From Databases

Click "Import Projects from Film Databases" to review and add credit. Edit and add more detail after import.

Note: on a given film, your first-listed role on a film database is pulled in. Edit this after import if desired.

Edit your projects

You can edit your projects easily, at any time.

Edit Existing Projects

Click the“Edit Projects” button at the bottom right of your portfolio. You can also edit a project by clicking it and clicking the three dots in its upper right corner.

Add New Project Information

Add a custom thumbnail, edit the project description to describe your work specifically, and add detail to your role on the project.

Re-Order and Feature Projects

Click the star icon to feature up to five projects in the carousel at the top of your portfolio. The three lines beside each project let you drag up or down.

Showcase Your Experience

Add Memberships, Press, Current Availability, and More

Edit Your Info and Add a Status

Click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of your portfolio to edit your headshot, title, and location(s). Add a “status” to highlight availability or needs. Scroll down to “save” changes.

Enhance Your About Section

Click on the arrow to the right of each sub-section to edit your bio, add press and links, update your contact info, and add memberships and other affiliations.

Add Outlets, Clients, Affiliations

Adding these affiliations in your "About" section helps you connect with others who have memberships, outlets, clients, festivals, or other affiliations in common with you.

Share Your Portfolio

Use Your Portrait Portfolio as a Creative Calling Card.

Your QR Code is a Click Away

Select the QR code to display your unique profile ID, enabling others to quickly scan for your portfolio.

Share your QR Code with others

Portrait members can add you as a contact.

Non-Portrait members see a public web version of your portfolio, like LinkedIn or other professional sites.

Build Your Creative Rolodex

Review your contacts at any time under "My Contacts" on your portfolio. Send contacts direct messages or check in on their latest work.